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Ode to the Jiggle

October 26, 2007

There once was a women with a bottom that loved to wiggle and jiggle. 

When she would walk on the treadmill, each buttock visibly shook, and wiggled, and to the horror of those present just wouldn’t stop its jiggle.

Faster she’d walk, she’d break into a slow run, wiggle, jiggle, the buttock would continue like jello on the San Andreas, just continue to jiggle.

Then the jiggle stopped.  There was not more jiggle.  Where did the wiggle, shiggle, and jiggle go?

It was gone, gone was the wiggle.  Gone was the Jiggle.  Gone was the wiggle and jiggle.  Weight-loss had stolen the wiggle and jiggle.

Finally, a small disclaimer (to avoid criticism by all the literary snobs out there) – this is not a technical “Ode” so just please don’t take this too seriously.

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