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Deep breaths

November 8, 2007

That’s not for me but Pokey.

Here’s my “shopping” list so that Pokey is supplied Sunday morning.

  • Bagel (not onion or everything)
  • Luna Bars (chocolate peppermint, pistachio)
  • Banana’s

Pokey claims she’ll be bringing her own caffeinated beverage. I might “pack” a couple for her just in case. I think her nerves might get the better of her and she might need more than one. Well, then again maybe not, because then she’ll have to pee and she has a drastic aversion to porta potties. May have to rethink that.

I’m as ready as I’ll be at this point. Did I mention I’m participating in the Big Sur Half Marathon with zero training for all intents and purposes. Yah, Pokey’s going to kick my butt. So if she’s pokey, what does that make me? Uber Pokey. Yah, I like that. Maybe I should get a name tag that says “hello, my name is ‘Uber Pokey’ nice to meet you.” Gee, maybe that can become my Super Hero name.

So, for the perhaps little excessive panic Pokey feels, I believe I am suffering from the excessive under panic.

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