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November 9, 2007

So, I’ve been watching the weather for the upcoming run on Sunday. So, with the increasing chance for rain, my planned wardrobe has been augmented and slightly modified. Basically this means that instead of a tank top under my long sleeve lightweight Patagonia Capilene , I’m planning on taking a long sleeve pullover similar to this to wear over my Capilene.

So knowing exactly what shirt I wanted to grab, I began looking, and looking, and looking, and well looking. I dug through my drawers. Looked under the dresser and bed. Dug through the dirty laundry. Resorted to asking my 3 year old if he knew where it was and begging my husband to give a try to find it. No such luck. Now I’m getting grumpy.

At the same time Chet’s looking for some of his t-shirts. I remember that there’s a load of laundry left in the washing machine in the basement. Oops. In all the frantic searching by both of us, I restarted the washing machine and the search continues. Both of us are still digging and looking, so into the “off season” storage we look and we’re both striking out – then Chet spy’s his shirts in the laundry basked staged to go into the washing machine. I take a peek inside the machine and what do I see – MY SHIRT!

Oh happy day’s.

So, I still need to finish packing for the weekend. But, my shirt is found.

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