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Damn, I’m sure going to miss him.

November 18, 2007

I lost my grandfather today. Funny, we always called him “grumpa.” He was a funny fellow. He would talk your ear off, tell you the most silly jokes (one of my favorite from childhood was “What does the ocean say to the seagull? Nothing, it just waves.”), and he was a loving man in his unique sort of way.

He was an incredibly skilled photographer. His pictures have regularly been mistaken for Ansel Adams, and I believe he was as skilled and could have been as well known except for his insecurity. I truly desire for his legacy to live on through his photography. I pray that whomever gets all of his negatives and photography equipment will be busy printing pictures so that his passion for photography will live on for generations to come.

Here’s just a quick sampling of what I actually have on the walls – and this isn’t everything I have up or sitting in a file to be framed and displayed. Hope you enjoy his pictures as much as you can through my camera’s lens.

Yuba River







I’m going to miss you Grumpa! I love you.

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