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Aww, shucks!

November 24, 2007

Well, Chet’s got the flu. Really, the bona fide flu. I didn’t get a flue shot this year (don’t know why…just never got around to it) he’s never had the flu shot, and poor G’s been fighting an ongoing ear infection, so every time we’ve had the opportunity, he’s had a fever, so no shot for him.

I’m saying my prayers that neither I or especially G get’s this crud. Chet’s miserable with a capital “M.” I feel bad. He’s so restless. He does not do well stuck in bed. But when you’re alternating with the chills, a fever, body aches and other issues, doesn’t really make him feel much like moving about even though he’s sick and tired of being in bed. He has however brought in several loads of firewood.

So much for a productive home improvement weekend. Ces’t la vie! I’ll tackle more of my personal hell tomorrow. Maybe I can make it to a 1/4 of the room and hopefully I can get out for my run for a bit. I’m primary in charge of G for the time being, so if I can get him down for a nap or something then maybe I can sneak out for a run then.

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