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Someone remind me why I wanted children!?!

November 26, 2007

Because not a soul warned me about the “terrifying 3’s.” Dang…For the4 past four day’s I’ve been at the very end of my rope and I’m praying that there is a knot to keep me here attached to the rope so I don’t slide off into insanity.

G is a very strong willed kid. He’s independent. I know everyone says that about their kids and yes, that is a trait of all kids his age, but he takes it to a different level. He’s not unlike many other kids his age, he’s maybe a little more stubborn than most. He’s having some difficulty doing what he’s told (otherwise known as obeying) and he’s been having a difficult time engaging in the group activities at his preschool.

Gee, should I be surprised?

I know that this is just a phase. But, I’m struggling with this “phase.” The other night, I would swear I would qualify for the worst mommy of the year award as I lost my shizz at the fact that he boldly defied everything Chet and I asked/told him to do for an entire day and I began to loose it. I am just anxious for this to pass. Really anxious, but I wouldn’t trade my wonderful child for the world.

Yes, when he says “hug mommy” and gives you the biggest most wonderful hug. Gives you a kiss and whispers “I love you mommy” I’m reminded why I wanted him. I wouldn’t trade G for the world. Despite his monster moments, he’s an angel, my darling angel whom I love.

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