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Samosa *heaven*

December 3, 2007

Okay, so Ashley turned me on to these little handfuls of love. A week or so ago she blogged about making Samosa’s and I was intrigued. They seemed like pirogies but different. So, when I was doing our menu planning for the month, I decided to add these to the menu. I had some left over pie crust from the failed good intentions to make a strawberry rhubarb pie a couple months ago. Rather than let the crust go to waste, I figured, Samosa’s seemed like a terrific use and would be enjoyed by our little G.

They were awesome! And I think, if I wasn’t doing the make it as quick as possible routine tonight – I used Paradise Valley instant mashed potatoes, a can of super sweet corn and a can of peas and diced carrots – they could have been even better. Fresh or frozen veggies would have been great. Our mashed potatoes are getting a little old, so the quality has diminished a bit, but in the world of instant mashed potatoes, the Paradise Valley Brand (we get ours from Costco and they are made just down the road from us outside Winnemucca, Nevada) are freaking AWESOME!

Anyway, thanks Ashley!!! Unfortunately, G didn’t stay awake long enough to try out the Samosa’s tonight, but he’ll get one in his lunch tomorrow. But, I agree, this is great toddler food!

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