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The Juggling Act

December 12, 2007

That’s what I’m thinking this next year is going to be. Chet has his certain races he traditionally participates in, and I on the other hand have always been there to support him and take care of G. This year, I actually want to participate in some of these events, or do some others on my own. Hence, the juggling act.

It’s going to take some juggling to determine which races I do – and that juggling includes finances. Unfortunately, it’s not getting any cheeper(yes it’s misspelled, but it’s a little inside joke between Pokey and I) to travel these days, race registrations are getting more and more expensive (though, for most races I don’t complain because I do know what it takes to put on a race and the costs associated with it – and most races are provides some really nice swag). So, due to child care constraints, travel budget constraints, picking too may races out of the area or trying to do shorter events going on at the same time as Chet is not practical or realistic.

Chet didn’t get into Western States 100 this year – again. He supposedly should have a guaranteed 2-time looser entry next year. Except in the notification letter this year they stated that they may do away with the system. I’m going to not take a left turn onto here into my opinion of that prospective decision on the basis that an email was sent out on the Ultra-Listserv by the board indicating that they would not do away with the 2-time looser system this next year. So, I’m reserving my right to comment later if the system is changed.

So, this is Chet’s prospective schedule for 2008:

  • Coyote Two Moons 100 Miler (March 21-23) – the first 100 miler of 2008 for Chet.
  • Zane Gray Highline 50 Miler (April 26) – Tentative as we don’t have definite plan on this one just yet.
  • Oholone Wilderness 50k (May 18) – The bummer is this race has traditionally been the Sunday after the Silver State 50/50, but due to the leap year (and other what not’s) they are split weekends. Which is a huge bummer because Chet likes to try to get the back to back 50k’s in.
  • Silver State 50 Miler, 50K, and ½ Marathon (May 24) – not sure if Chet’s going to do the 50k or the 50 Miler yet. He’s never done the 50m, and since it’s not back to back to Ohlone, I have a sneaky suspicion that he might do the 50 miler.
  • San Juan Solstice 50 Miler (June 21) – This has practically become an annual pilgrimage.
  • Hardrock 100 Miler (July 11-13) – Chet’s putting in for Hardrock this year. It’s unlikely he’ll make it into the race (though this is the type of race he’s physically and mentally built for). If he gets into Hardrock, he’ll likely not do San Juan (remember travel expenses) or TRT.
  • Tahoe Rim Trail 50 Mile/50k/100 Mile (July 19-20) – If by some miracle Chet gets into Hardrock this year, there will be no TRT, but otherwise he’ll be running TRT 100 for the third consecutive year.
  • Cascade Crest 100 Miler (August 23-24) – It would be an extreme pleasure to head back up to Easton, Washington for the CC 100. This is probably one our favorite races, exceptionally nice people well ran, and just a great experience. But, if Chet gets into Wasatch Front 100, then we’ll not be making the trip up to Washington for the CC this year.
  • Wasatch Front 100 Miler (September 7-8) – Another lottery event. So, we’ll see if Chet gets the luck of the draw.
  • Angeles Crest 100 Miler (September 13-14) – This is honestly a big unknown. If Chet runs Wasatch, he’ll likely only go and pace a friend who’ll be running AC; however, if he doesn’t get into Wasatch, he’ll probably run this one too. Who knows.
  • Bear 100 Miler (September 27-28*) – Assuming this race goes again, I’m fairly certain that we’ll be making a trip to Napoleon Dynamite country for this race. This is a dead ringer, but I’m pretty darn sure that Chet will do this (particularly since he’s talked about doing it at the last minute for the past two years).

That’s what I know thus far for Chet’s schedule. We still need to figure out a couple 50k/50 milers for him in January and February in preparation for Coyote Two Moons, and we had planned on going down for the Twin Peaks 50, but due to the tragic fires in So. Cal this year, the event has been indefinitely postponed.

So, now that you can see (and I can see) the schedule for Chet, I get to try to squeeze in events that I would like to do. I was never any good at juggling.

Here’s what I’m considering so far:

  • Way Too Cool (March 8 )
  • Zane Gray 50k (April 26) – So, assuming Chet does the 50 miler, I’d like to do the 50k (and contribute to being one of the 30 running 30 with Angie – if she’ll have me), but this is all totally premised on Pokey committing to provide G containment services while I’m running the race.
  • Pat’s Run (April 19) – Again, if we don’t go down for the Zane, then I’ll hop on SWA for a cheap flight to Phoenix and force Pokey into chauffeuring me around (she is a wonderful chauffeur if you ever need one) and crash on Pokey’s couch and do the run with her (assuming she decides to do it again).
  • Wild West Trail Marathon (May 3) – I signed up to do this last year, then I tore the deltoid ligaments in my ankle the weekend before and well, the rest is history. But, I do have the 2007 T-Shirt, the town was kind enough to mail me the shirt, I didn’t even ask. I haven’t been able to bring myself to wear it since I didn’t do the race.
  • Silver State 50M, 50k ½ Marathon (May 24) – If Pokey comes up for the ½ marathon I’ll run it with her. Otherwise, I’ll plan on running the 50k since my parents will be available (note to self: get it in their very busy pre-booked calendar SOON) to watch G that day.
  • Reno Tahoe Odyssey (June 6-7) – I’m planning on running this (there might be a conflict, so I can’t give Eric my commitment $$ just yet). Hopefully this year the course won’t be cut short by a fire. Not that the course being cut short was the tragic event – the fire destroying 250 homes – THAT was tragic.
  • Pikes Peak Marathon (August 16) – This is one of those depending on the $$$ type of events. I’d love to do it, but only if we can afford (vacation time and cash flow wise) the trip.
  • Run On The Sly (August 31) – Since this doesn’t fall on a Chet race weekend, I’m claiming it! 50k for me, please.
  • Biz Johnson Trail Marathon (October 12)
  • Whiskey Town 50k (October 25*) – This is one that I can probably find someone to watch G for us (family and friends in the vicinity) so Chet and I could do the 50k together. That would be some good times (assuming I don’t go all estrogen on him out there); OR
  • Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing 50k/50 Mile (October 25*) – this race is ran on the streets of San Francisco, and while the thought of running that far on streets makes my knees scream in agony, this always sounds like a really fun event. Chet often says that this is the only street ultra he’d ever do. Might have to do this one instead of Whiskey Town.

*Dates unconfirmed, estimated based upon previous years dates.

I still want to put in some fun runs in there. There’s a lot of nice fun runs, so we’ll see, but a 10k here and there would be nice to keep it fun. We’ll see what happens.

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