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December 14, 2007

I do not understand the deal. What the heck is up with R.B.S. (Runners Bowels Syndrome). Seriously, this is really starting to irk me. Every time I go out for a decent run (like a 3+ miler . . . yah yah yah, 3+ is a decent run for me, remember I’m “UBER POKEY”) I come home feeling like crap.

Okay, for those who might be a little squeamish, this is where I put my disclaimer – this entry will likely go into bodily functions, the types of which are not dinner table conversation, so read on at your own risk. You’ve been duly warned.

So, I come home from a run and its like helloooo hershey squirts. But, it’s not just a case of the runner squirts, it’s like I feel like I’m in sever gastrointestinal distress. I will make a visit to the potty, but it’s only about 40% successful and even then, it doesn’t make me feel any better. I just don’t get it. Chet doesn’t have any advice – other than I’m not fueling well enough before I head out for these runs.

But, I’m stumped, and I’m frustrated. It sucks to come home feeling like well, crap. So, for this little “condition,” I’ve coined the phrase R.B.S. like “I.B.S.” but with a running twist since the only time I get it is if I’ve ran hard and more than 3 miles.

I know I’m not doing everything right – I’m not as well hydrated as I should be. I don’t know, water and I just are not friends. I’d much rather drink coffee than water. I’m not properly fueled before heading out. More often than not, I’ve eaten nothing for 4-5 hours or more before I head out on the longer runs (more than 3 miles). For example, today, I had 4 pieces of “Facon” for breakfast (soy bacon) and 2 venti non-fat Latte’s during the morning. No lunch – had a conference call that ran late, then I was trying to get work done before I had my doctors appointment today and the plan was to leave early enough to grab a quick bite on my way to the doctor, then I got a call from Satan, I mean the liability insurance adjuster for the car who hit me yesterday. So, that took up the time I was going to grab food and then some.

After the doctor’s appointment I came home, but beef stew didn’t sound good (and I didn’t feel like heating it up). So, I had four pieces of string cheese. Then I headed out for my run. And that’s probably not a-typical, unfortunately. Most day’s I’m lucky to eat a real lunch.

Maybe it’s an under fueled tummy. Maybe I need more water. Maybe it’s just my body adjusting to running. Whatever it is, I’m tired of it. R.B.S. really takes the feel good out of a good run.

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  1. December 16, 2007 2:54 PM


  2. December 18, 2007 8:44 AM

    OK, I had this everytime I run more than 2.5 miles too.

    I started drinkning 1 more bottle of water (I dont’ drink enough either) & in the day I eat an ACTIVIA yogurt. They have cheese too.

    BUT you shouldn’t be eating cheese, RBS, like IBS; well, cheese & milk aren’t their best friends. :o)

    I even had a colonoscopy~~all issues came on at once~~~& they suggested I try the yogurt, everyother day & it has stopped!!!!

  3. nevadamtnbear permalink*
    December 18, 2007 9:55 AM

    Interesting. I eat a fair amount of yogurt – I like cereal’s like Grapenuts (there’s a couple brands out there I eat) with yogurt for breakfast with a sprinkling of flax seeds. Maybe I need to just make that a daily routine (which will require much more extensive planning).

    Yah, definitely need more water. *sigh*

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