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December 28, 2007

Okay, yes, very poor spoof off of Will Smith’s new movie title.

Anyway, so it’s funny how you transform into a runner. It’s not a destination more as it’s a process, an ever evolving process. And that for me is a good thing. But, honestly a year ago, the thought of being able go knock down a 4 mile run was unimaginable to me – at least it being comfortable.

Yet, over the past year, and especially the last couple months, I’m making huge improvement and truly finding myself feeling like a *gasp* runner. And nothing makes you really glow like validation.

I’m up talking with an attorney I co-counsel with occasionally (like when he needs grunt work or a fresh set of eyes). We talk about some cases we’re dealing with and conclude with some social chat. He says to me “I saw you out running the other night.” To which I respond “Oh really?” (there was an inflection of shock and horror). Which he states “You were running with a group of women. I was going to roll down and yell some things at you from my car window, but I didn’t think the other ladies would appreciate some strange man yelling things at you as I drove by.” I laughed.

More conversation ensued, but this is really the “important” stuff. Why you ask (just like my 3 year old…WHY?)? Well, there was something remarkable here…he actually saw me when I was running my arse off!!! And it was when I was actually keeping up with the ladies I go tag along with on Tuesday nights. That was cool. But, really, he saw me as a “runner.” I am still having a difficult time grasping that image. I see myself as a shuffler 5% of the time, a slug 4% of the time, a “jogger” about 90% of the time and a “runner” about 1% of the time.

People can recognize me out there (that’s frightening) but they are seeing me as a runner, and that’s just cool. I’m starting to feel more and more like a “runner.” And less and less like a wanna be. It’s just encouraging to be validated by someone.

So, “I AM RUNNER!” Feels pretty good. If you ever doubt your status as a “runner” just say that to yourself a few times. Positive self talk is good, and you are a runner regardless of your pace or distance. If you get out there and lift one foot off the ground and then the next and then you are a runner, just as I am.

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  1. lonerunner permalink
    December 28, 2007 6:20 PM

    feels good to run! goodluck!

    THANKS! -Micheline

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