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Log: LSD

January 6, 2008

Not the drug, but long slow distance. At least that was the plan. In reality…well, it was LONG and it was SLOW.

This morning, pursuant to our plan, Chet dropped me off at the bottom end of the river path. I headed out in some 6-8 inches of snow on the river path. That’s right, I was attempting to run in 6-8 inches of snow. That did not last long. Quickly, it became, I was hiking through 6-8 inches of snow. Then I quickly became, I was just trying to keep moving through 6-8 inches of snow.

The snow SUCKED. I soon realized that the plan for the day may not go quite as planned. That was fine. As I trudged along, trying to maintain a 20 minute mile pace, my arches screamed at me. My calves were reminding me that this was not what they signed up for.

Anyone run 5 miles on the beach lately? Well, that was what the first 6 miles of my run felt like. It physically was equivalent to running in sand, cold, wet, white sand otherwise known as snow. I was trying to maintain my footing, and it was amazing how s-l-o-w-l-y the landmarks I usually am surprised at their rapid appearance took to make their way into my line of sight. Rather, new landmarks I don’t normally even notice became significant achievements.

At a little over six miles, I meet up with Chet. He had started at my parents house, meaning he had covered nearly 8 miles in 20 minute less than it had taken me to make my 6. But, were we met was where the path finally became runnable. I warned Chet that the next 6 miles were pretty much carp and to have fun. At that point, my legs felt as tired as they did at the end of the 10 miler last week. We chatted for a few and he suggested I just head home rather then the extra four miles to my parents. I really wanted to get at least 13 miles in today, so I told him I would see how I felt at the turn up to the house.

It wasn’t long after leaving him that I realized that if I continued on to my parents house, I would be just plain stupid. It would be yet an other incident of me over doing it and getting in for a whole lot more than I bargained for and quite possibly could end up rather ugly. I let sanity prevail. So, I did enough to get 10 miles in. Honestly, I feel like I ran 20. No kidding. My legs used muscles in ways it has not for years. They are incredibly tired and sore. Trying to run in that snow really pushed my body in a new and unique way.

I’m trying not to feel bad about not going as far as I would have liked. But, I have to keep in mind, I’m training for the long haul. I’ve been very good at making poor decisions in the past because I was trying to meet some unrealistic goal or not adapting to the conditions – and every time it bit me in the ass and I ended up sabotaging all the training I had put in. WOW, I think I really am maturing and learning a thing or two.

I’ve got to take off and get the kid and check in on Chet, so no pretty pictures (yet at least), but here’s the stats:

Mileage: 10.04 miles

Time: 2:51:51/17:06 pace (slow as sin)

Weather: BEAUTIFUL, sunny, started in mid 20’s warmed up to low 30’s. Lots and lots of snow on the ground.

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