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Log: A dry spell and then BAM!

January 12, 2008

This week was bad. I had all the good intentions in the world, but we know where good intentions get you.

Tuesday I was going to run with the women’s group, but due to the weather, the run was canceled. So, Wednesday, I was going to go at lunch or after work. Well, I was busy at work, bla bla bla and running didn’t happen. So, Thursday, though, maybe I’ll get out. Nope. Friday, are you kidding.

So, today the plan was to drive over the mountain to Cool, CA and run part of the Way Too Cool course. This morning, life went seamless. I mean unusually seamless. We left the house on time, things just happened in all the right ways. We picked up a gal and then met our friends here at the Fire Station at Cool and everyone headed out.

I was supposed to run with Truckee, but he had other plans. Apparently Chet must be MUCH more fun to run with, because he wouldn’t have anything to do with me. Even after I held him for a few minutes while they all ran off ahead, when I let him go – he was quicker than greased lightening. Dang, that dog is BEAUTIFUL to watch run. You can just see how he is built to do it. I just hoped he caught up with Chet and the rest of the group before there was a split in the trail. Fortunately, Rhonda was a ways ahead of me and behind the rest of the group, so when Truckee started heading up the wrong trail she redirected him toward Chet. I assume he caught up with Chet and Co.

My plan was to do 14 miles or there about. I wanted to do a loop and experience “goat hill.”

Here I am heading down the trail.

This was the clean part of the run. It got a bit more messy later on.

As you have probably heard, we’ve had some pretty impressive storms roll through this part of the world as of late. So, the next obsticals got a little more technical.

Finally, I was really enjoying the run. It was relatively level, not too much mud, and it hit me. SHIZZZZZZZZZZ, I left my laptop on the floor of the truck in plain view. Carp. I’d gone 6 miles at that point, and I was about an hour and half out. I turned around and started heading back to the truck, praying that no dishonest folk had seen the laptop sitting there and took advantage of the situation. As I’m coming back, within the next 1/4 mile it occures to me that not only did I leave my laptop in plain view, but my purse is sitting in the middle of the front seat in plain view. Awww, fudruckers.

So, after stressing about it for about a half-mile, I come to terms that it’s just *stuff.* My biggest concern then was – great, how long will it take to get a bashed in window replaced? Can we get it done before we leave on Thursday? Because I’m feeling that time is of the essence (difficult when you’re slow as sin) I decide to backtrack the way I had come considering I had no idea how the trail went to do the loop and whether it would take me longer than just retracing my steps.

Now, seriously, when I went out, I did not do THAT much downhill. SERIOUSLY. But somehow, this return trip was ENTIRELY up hill.

So, I make it back to the truck to find everything fine. Answered prayers, lesson learned.

At that point I was at 12 miles. I really wanted to get 13 in, so I hid everything, dropped my camel back, refilled my water bottle and headed out for another two miles.

I’m tired. My lower back is KILLING me (can we say need to do more abdominal exercises), but I feel really good.

So, since I’m on the laptop with no means to upload the pretty stuff (I CAN’T wait for the elevation stuff, it’s going to so cool!) but here’s the basic stats:

Distance: 14 miles

Time: 4:02:01/17:17 pace

Weather: Chilly 40’s with fog and very overcast. Lots of mud.

And now another really important issue. I am a competitive person. I like having a challenge beyond myself, it drives me. I was joking with Karen this week about wanting to out do her.

But, as I was out there running, I realized I was being a doofus. You know, Pokey‘s going out to run her SECOND half marathon. How freaking cool is that! And I’m so dang proud of her. We are both striving for similar, but very different goals, and for me to try to compare or even make some challenge between what she’s doing and what I’m doing is really lame. I’m just being selfish and dumb.

I don’t want in any way diminish what Pokey’s doing, because she’s doing so freaking awesome. And, what we are doing this weekend is different and I don’t want to try to compare the experiences because it doesn’t advance either of our achievements.

So, Pokey, I’m going to following your progress tomorrow. Run YOUR OWN RACE! Have a great time and I’m tremendously proud of you!

UPDATE: Pretty Pictures! Check out this elevation profile!


This explains why my hamstrings are a wee bit sore this evening.

So, the pace, not so pretty, but when you’re climbing those hills, aww, whatever. I went out and did it and I’m proud!


Good Day. Good Company. Good Time.

And a special kudo’s to Eric and Melanie for watching G today. Thanks for making it possible for me to have a good run and Chet to get out and knock down 26 miles.

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  1. January 14, 2008 7:28 AM

    That mud looks like so much fun! I might just have look into that…

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