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Need a laugh? I kind of feel like I need one too.

January 17, 2008


We’re getting ready for a trip to Colorado this weekend.  What compelled us to drive to Colorado for the long weekend has escaped me.  Makes for a not so long weekend.  Fortunately I get to tie in business at the end of the weekend, so I guess that makes it a little better.

But, when you’re trying to study for the bar exam, get your house cleaned (because you’ve been in denial about the state of absolute horror it really is in for weeks because you’re focused on studying for the bar and running), get caught up on laundry (see previous side bar), get packed, and all the elements of preparing for the trip, all order in your life goes out with the mop water.

So, running.  Well, it again, isn’t happening.  I’m trying to maintain a good attitude about this right now.  I’m trying not to feel like I’m falling into old habits.  But, it’s a struggle at the moment.  I’m trying to stay positive.  I ran 14 flipp’n miles on Saturday and I felt GOOD about it.  I was going to run with the ladies group on Tuesday afternoon, but I was just plain exhausted – mentally and physically.  I was stressed about studying and I felt like I needed to get stuff done around the house, which I did.  All good right!?!  Someone tell me its all good, please!

We are departing today for Colorado, with a packed full schedule.  But, it will be nice to see friends we haven’t seen in a while.  I get to finally meet Sarah Rose, our friends daughter – and I get to drink in front of Susan and she can’t (sucks to be pregnant again. *snicker* Don’t worry, next time around, I’m sure I’ll get mine again).  We get to see Alex, G’s former nanny who abandoned us to move back to Colorado.  We’ll also see Jean Jacque, a ultra running friend of ours. 

And the killer thing – WE GET TO GO ICE CLIMBING!!!  Whooly shizzzzzzz, it’s been so freaking long.  There are a few reasons it’s been literally YEARS since I went ice climbing.  (A) There isn’t a lot of convenient climbing near Reno.  We can go down to Lee Vining, but we need kiddie care, an over night stay and you have to make a hell of a hike into Lee Vining Canyon to get to the ice.  (B)  When you’re 80#’s overweight and horribly out of shape you can’t fit into your ice climbing clothes and then the hike in is a death hike, by the time you make it to the ice, you’re miserable already and there’s just no fun it in. 

Well, this time, I’m only 30#’s overweight!  I can fit into my killer Patagonia ice climbing pants (and I look GOOD in them), I am in heck of better shape as I’ve been in for over a decade, and in Colorado, there’s lots of convenient ice.  Meaning, you can drive down the road and there are ice climbs right off the road or short hikes away.  So, we dug our ice climbing gear out of the storage unit.  I have a new to me set of ice tools that I ordered off of eBay years ago that I’ve never used!  And Chet found the “humming bird” ice ax, which is a nice little light weight axe, perfect for G.  Yes, that’s correct, we’re take G ice climbing!  We’re planning on hitting the ice fall that Chet and I learned to ice climb on when we were in college.  I’m so freaking STOKED!  I can’t wait to teach my 3 year old to ice climb!  Pictures will definitely follow!

I’ve packed my running gear.  The plan is to get a run in tomorrow somewhere out in the Utah desert near Greenriver/Moab.  Chet needs to get about 7-10 miles in, I need 4-5.  Chet and I will do our typical desert running routine (well, this is what we usually do with Chet).  We take some random dirt road.  Stop the car, Chet gets out and starts running.  I drive 5 or so miles away (unless he’s doing less than 10 miles) and wait for him to come.  If it’s a long run, he re-fuels (water, etc.) and takes off running again.  I drive another 5 or so miles down the road and wait. Usually, this cycle continues for 20, 25, 30 miles.  Depending on how long his run is. I’m the mobile aid station.  It’s a good set up in the winter when the trails are covered in snow and he’s not in the mood to do pavement (which is normally all the time).

I’m thinking that tomorrow, we’ll do that, but I’ll drop Chet off and he’ll start running.  I’ll drive 7 or so miles down the road and park and wait for him.  Then when he gets there I’ll take off running back the direction he came.  He’ll take over kiddie care and drive 5 miles the direction he just came and wait for me.  I’ll be done, he’ll be done and we’ll continue on our way to Colorado.  Sounds like a good plan.  Only way it would be better is if we brought the jogger, then I could load G in the jogger and start running toward Chet.  When he met up with me, he could then take G back toward the truck and I would continue on.  But, I really don’t feel like loading up the jogger for one run this weekend.

Wish us save travels.  Happy camping, and great climbing.  This is going to be a much needed trip!

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  1. January 26, 2008 4:39 AM

    How was your trip? Ice climbing sounds like a blast – I bet G will be out-climbing his parents in no time. 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the WTC 50K conflict. I can kinda relate – I’d had my sights set on a PR marathon this May but after my injury, an early marathon isn’t wise. I’m not sure now when I’ll target my PR attempt, but there are plenty of races to choose from so I’ll be OK.

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