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January 27, 2008

Not that I expect many people to be paying attention to national news, but here in Reno, a young woman was abducted from the living room of her friends house as she was sleeping a week ago. This wouldn’t be that creepy to me, except for the fact that the abduction took place 3 blocks from my house.

They have now linked the abduction with at least one recent rape here. What’s really strange, is I wasn’t aware that we had had multiple rapes in the vicinity as of late. And what irks me is the fact that we never see cops patrolling our neighborhood. Maybe twice a year. And those are cops Chet sees during the day since he works from our house. How sad is it that it takes the abduction of a beautiful young woman to increase patrols. Now we see multiple cops per day.

So, I want to get back into my running routine, but they’ve come out with more information on the suspect and honestly, though I highly doubt I come even close to fitting the profile of the girls being profiled, I’m not interested in running in the dark in the mornings or evenings through my neighborhood. How sad is that.

It’s crazy because we really do live in a relatively safe neighborhood with a reasonably low crime rate considering our proximity to the University. We left our truck out on the street accidentally unlocked while we were gone in Colorado and it wasn’t even touched the whole time. We have a change-monger who will rifle through the car and take all the change out of the ashtray sometimes if we accidentally leave the cars unlocked at night. And the most we’ve had stolen was all our CD’s many years back.

But, this is certainly making me reconsider the relative sense of security I’ve felt. We have over 100 registered sex offenders within a few mile radius of my house! Granted, only one is a tier 3 sex offender, but still. Who knew. Who wanted to know? Sometimes, ignorance is bliss.

Topping it all off, tonight (at 9:40pm) we get a reverse 9-1-1 call from the City announcing that they have a description of the guy and asking people to review the description and keep an eye out. WOW. Just wow. I mean, hey – kudo’s enlisting all the eyes they can. But, this just further heightens the “creepy” factor of all this.

We’ve been saying prayers for the Denison family. I can’t imagine the stress and sorrow they feel. I hope they catch the bastard soon. I’ll sleep a little better and I can then try to resume my regularly scheduled running at 5:00 a.m. It would just be nice to know that this jerk is off the street.

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  1. January 30, 2008 8:02 AM

    TOTALLY creepy! I saw this on the news the other night…YIKES.

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