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2008 Log: I’m running, I’m outside, I’m running, I’m back!

February 18, 2008

Okay, so really, nothing THAT spectacular to report.  I did a VERY slow 3 miles.  But, I GOT OUT!  YIPPEEEEEEEEEE!  Oh my goodness, it felt SO GOOD!  I walked a lot, because I just wanted to really enjoy myself and I was feeling like walking.  But Truckee and I went out.

I got home right around dusk, which was later than I wanted.  Warning:  RANT ahead.  Okay, to the f’n sicko psycho PERV who decided that it was somehow a reasonable idea is his own sick and distorted mind to rape several women and then abduct, rape and MURDER another innocent woman, and then to do it in my neighborhood, I F’N can’t stand you!  How DARE you make all the women in our neighborhood end up with a distinct paranoia just to go out and live our lives.  It totally sucks to have to worry about getting home before dark – something I would never ever ever worry about before.

So, I took the dog – a healthy safety precaution, got home before dark and really enjoyed myself.  I felt good.  I was happy.  And I got out!  That’s what is most important.

Here’s the stats:

Distance: 3 miles

Time:  Somewhere around 40 minutes

Weather:  BEAUTIFUL!  Thank goodness spring is on its way!

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  1. February 21, 2008 9:30 AM

    Awesome, awesome AWESOME!!!

    I keep forgetting to ask you – are you still going to do Pat’s Run this year?

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