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Okay my friends . . . I’M BACK!

February 18, 2008

For real!  I leave for Colorado in one week to take the Colorado bar exam.  But, I satisfied all the criteria to qualify for my pass guarantee this weekend, except for actually sitting for the bar exam.  So, that’s extraordinary news. 

Granted, while I need to spend this week doing more essays and reviewing outlines on subjects I am less proficient at, I’m retaking control of my life.  That means, I will start doing housework again (Chet will be uber pleased).  I’ll be available to enjoy the company of G in the mornings rather than hunched over a dumb computer screen.  And what is really important to me – I’M GOING TO START RUNNING AGAIN!!!!!!

Did I mention how excited I am to get our running again.  Wholly crap, it’s been like a month – and granted, considering the amount of time necessary to get the studying in while working full time, the disruption to my regular running time with presence of a sexual predator in my neighborhood, and all the other garbage that goes along with life, I’m now retaking control.  And I’m so excited.

This afternoon I’m going RUNNING!

So, the long silence is broken, the running blog is back, and all the prayers and good thoughts you can muster for me and this bar exam would be greatly appreciated!

Now for something completely different – well, not so really, a quick kudo’s to Chet.  He ran the Cactus Pass Classic 50k this weekend down in El Paso, TX.  He did it in roughly 6.5 hours.  He’s struggling with his Achilles, so we’ve definitely got to get that worked out between now and Coyote Two Moons at the end of March.  I didn’t go to El Paso with Chet and G, as I knew it would be a good opportunity to do some intensive studying.  Chet’s Grandfather lives in El Paso and it was a great opportunity for Chet’s parents to come down and get four generations of men together for a photo opportunity, Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Chet and G.  And, it was nice because Papa and Grandma were able to watch G while Chet ran his race.

So, there’s the scoop.  I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

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  1. February 18, 2008 10:12 AM

    Yea! I’ll be praying for you as you take your big test. You’ll do great! And welcome back to the blogosphere!

  2. February 19, 2008 3:18 AM

    Woo hoo! Welcome back to running, and I’ll echo your kudos to Chet for running an ultra with a sore achilles. Make sure he gets that healed!

    Could you explain how you get a “pass guarantee” for the bar but still have to take the exam? Is that kinda like doing a 10K training run at the same pace you need to get a “passing” finish time in a 5K race?

    It’s not so much a guarantee that I will pass the Colorado exam, but if I don’t pass the exam, then I’m am eligible for a refund of the money I’ve spent on the review course. So, there’s no “guarantee” that I’ll actually pass the test, but if I don’t, despite all the endless hours of studying and preparation, then I can seek a refund of the money I’ve paid to the company for the review course. So, an mirror analogy is if I pay Jeff Galloway $500 to train me for a sub-4 hour marathon, if I don’t break 4 hours he refunds my $500. Make sense? – Micheline

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