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May 6, 2008
Main Entry:
1 a: the act, process, or method of one that trains b: the skill, knowledge, or experience acquired by one that trains
2: the state of being trained
I think I need to modify this definition to include the following:
3: The ability to balance life, work and running spouses to make the time to participate in becoming trained 
I’m struggling with balancing my desire to get out and run with Chet’s need to get out and run.  It’s easy for me to put my own training on the back burner for Chet.  But, I need to get out too.  It doesn’t help when you’re working incredibly long hours, you have a list of 1000 things to be done at home and by the time you make it through your front door your exhausted.
I’m always amazed at people who can spend so much time training and still manage a busy life.  How do they do it?  What are they sacrificing for the ability to spend the time training? 
Eternal questions.  We’ll see how Chet and I figure out the balance.
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