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A Thought About Sausage Casings

May 18, 2008

When will the athletic industry figure out normal size charts?  I don’t think I’m being a pain here either (though, if I am, I’m certain someone will gladly say so).  But, is it too hard to make shirts in a variety of sizes – seriously.  I want a technical shirt, not a sausage casing, when I register for an event.  If I knew they were handing out sausage casings I would have brought my own ground pork.

This rant started about a year ago – I ran Pat’s Run with Pokey.  The shirt, an XL, was seriously NOT an XL.  It was more along the lines of a small sized MEDIUM.  And at that time, I was definitely an XL, and when I put that shirt on, let’s just say I looked a little too much like my namesake –

However, over time, I actually lost weight and the shirt, while a bit snug, fit somewhat well.  Although, it was quite tight, I could wear it in public if I wanted.  But, it was still no XL sized shirt.

Fast forward to yesterday.  God Bless the race directors who are coming out with women specific shirts.  I’m all over that.  It’s nice to get something that isn’t a big giant box of a shirt.  However, I make one desperate plea – PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE look at the shirts, I mean, touch them, feel them, look at the sizes, give them to a couple ladies to evaluate!  Because, I got another sausage casing for a shirt, and I honestly don’t know if I can ever loose enough weight to wear this shirt.  I’m DEAD serious, and it’s an XL!!!!

Here’s the problem, it is TINY, I mean, makes the itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini leave a lot to the imagination.  This shirt does not.  Certainly, it doesn’t help that my girls are rather large (that’s my humble way of saying the knockers are HUGE), so first off, the shirt is like a boa constrictor around the chest.  But, then you add the fact that the girls are fighting for air in the thing, and that makes the shirt loose about 2 inches of the length.  So, now it’s a skin tight belly shirt – but not in a sexy kind of way.  No, it’s too damn small in a like horrific shield your child’s eyes type of way.

Really, I need one of these to get into the shirt.

And then once I’m in it, I resemble a big blue one of these.

Did I mention that this shirt is an XL!?!?  I even compared it to the other sizes, and I kid you not, there *might* have been a ¼ to an 1/8th of an inch difference between the different sizes.  Ummm, okay, in all reality, the size small wouldn’t have fit much differently because it was only *maybe* a half inch smaller than the XL.

And, I know that even when I get down to my goal weight, this will not be a shirt I will wear, even then, it will still be simply too small.  Sad too, because I really would love to wear my ½ Marathon shirt from the race yesterday. 

Oh well.  Can’t win for loosing. 

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  1. May 19, 2008 5:13 AM

    Hey, I have that Bibendum book! It’s pretty interesting, actually…

    The mens tech t-shirt from the Rock-n-River half was strangely small, too. But I just bought a singlet for a team event online, and it’s so big I’m swimming in it. Who knows…

  2. May 19, 2008 6:17 AM

    Sizing, it’s all over the map. The fundraising “team” shirts for the National Capital Race weekend in a large doesn’t fit over my hips. Then at Shamrock… them man tried to talk me into getting a large. (Which was LARGE indeed.) I took the medium. You know what.. it’s one the big size.

    The other thing that kills me is length. I would like a shirt that doesn’t reveal my stretch marks… I am going to get arrested for blinding people with my post-partum jiggly pudge.

    We can’t win…

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