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Grandpa’s Memorial Hike

July 13, 2008

Last weekend, as part of a final tribute and in memory of my Grandfather, we hiked into a special place for memories for him and our family. Unfortunately, not all the family could make it in, but Chet, my uncle Emo and I hiked into the Devil’s Punchbowl and met my cousin Richard and his wife Jennifer.

We have old footage of my grandpa up there at the Punchbowl goof’n around. The movie was made when he was probably in his late 20’s maybe early 30’s. So, we went up there as a final tribute.

It was quite the hump in there, and apparently, it’s quite a bit easier than the trail used to be. It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I still need to upload the pictures (can’t find the blasted camera cable) but here’s the elevation profile for the hike.

Not too shabby for a pregnant lady who’s been feeling like crap for the last two months and hasn’t done anything hardly, if I do say so myself. I was pretty good and kept my heart rate under 140 (doctor’s orders) for the most part. I really went over once when Chet and Emo caught up to me at the first hill (I pushed myself up harder than I would have alone) and had a couple spikes here and there, but generally, I did good. It was a total of 11.5 miles, and it was a beautiful day hike. Oh, did I mention – over 9,500 feet of elevation gain over the hike. Chet’s a little skeptical, but I reminded him that the half-marathon at the Silver State 50/50 had about 4,000 feet of gain, and yes, it REALLY WAS THAT steep going up. Each little jog is a switchback.

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