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2008 Training Log: Swimming Again

August 20, 2008

Another good swimming workout. I felt really good today. I did 1200 meters (finally getting all the right beta on the pool I’m using) in a half-hour. I tried not to over do it today and not end up sore. I feel like I worked out tonight, but not like I worked myself over.

This is kind of a weird new deal with the swimming. I’m enjoying it. I REALLY need to get contacts. I think it would be even more enjoyable if I actually could see things. LOL. But, maybe not. I also did a 100 of backstroke. I hate backstroke – I’m terrible at going in a straight line. It felt pretty good though.

The weird thing was when I was all done, wholly cow, I was SO light headed. I mean for hours. I had a cliff bar before I hit the pool because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast (I went at lunch). It was really weird. Even after eating lunch I didn’t feel better. Not until this evening. Weird. Pregnancy does weird things to the body.

So, all is good. I’m planning on swimming tomorrow and Friday. Chet’s pacing a friend of ours this weekend who’s running a 100k, so we’ll be away from the pool (and simultaneous kiddie care), so no swimming for me this weekend. But, I’ll get a couple hikes in with Gabriel and that will be nice.

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