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2009 Coyote Two Moon 100 Mile

March 16, 2009

Crew Race Report:

Chet and our friend George ran Coyote Two Moon 100 (C2M) again this past weekend.  I was able to meet them at 3 aid stations, Rose Valley, Howard Creek and Cozy Dell.  Both Chet and George did totally awesome!  They finshed faster than last year, even though both think the race was more difficult this year (there was a bit of a course reordering/change).

Our daughter, R, was 6 weeks old on the day Chet started C2M.  George and Chet started at 9pm on Friday night.  C2M does a variation on an interval start with various start groups based upon your projected finish time – the goal being to get the runners to all finish close to one another.  The first start group was at 6pm and the last start group (for 100 milers) was at 3am.

Chet came into the race with 6 weeks of sleep deprivation to begin with.  By the time he finished the race, he had been up for 49 hours straight.  He got a 20 minute cat nap on Sunday morning, but by the time he got any real sleep, he had been up 54 hours.  What a man.

With two kids, G a big 4 years old and R now 6 weeks, I was unsure whether I’d make it to Rose Valley to meet the guys, it was a bit of a drive and I had to break down the camper, get the kids loaded and make the drive.  Fortunately, I was able to get things rolling reasonably early that morning and made it to Rose Valley before Chet and George made their second pass through.  It was great to see them.  G was super excited to see his daddy and went a running to greet him and run into the aid station with his daddy.

The sleep deprivation was definitely taking its toll on Chet.  He was feeling pretty low.  A pretty quick change of packs (from the bigger to the smaller race pack), some food and hugs and kisses from the family (well, R slept through her daddy’s visit), Chet and George were back off and running.  George was looking really good at Rose Valley and was all smiles.

After Rose Valley, I got everyone and everything loaded back up into the camper and headed to Howard Creek, which was about 7.1 (give or take a few tenths of a mile) from Rose Valley.  Got there with sufficient time to get everything set up again.  This time when Chet rolled into the aid station, he his emotional tank was pretty darn low.  A few long hugs and encouragement, Chet started looking up.  George was still looking great.  George also found his extra set of headphones and passed along another iPod to Chet.  Got Chet and George out of the aid station, with an order for pizza at Cozy Dell.

Being the wife crew, it can be truly crushing to see spouse feeling that down.  For me, I know Chet is an incredibly strong person – emotionally and physically, so when I encounter him having a low time like that, it is particularly difficult.  But, you just have to put aside your emotions and put an armor of strength.  But, honestly, it’s hard not to show your emotions as well.  But, often times, in a 100 miler, tough love is the best love.  And as crew, you can never let your runner see you sweat, well, so to speak.

Fortunately, at Cozy Dell Chet was looking like his normal ol’ self.  He was definitely tired, but who can blame him, but he wasn’t as beat down as he had been.  Dispite some other hiccups at the Cozy Dell aid station, things went swimmingly!  Chet and George polished off nearly a whole pepperoni pizza.

I got the kids loaded up and headed back to base (the start finish).  I could not for the life of me get the front of the camper popped up (we got a new Four Wheel with an extended cab over combined with the racks and cargo carrier, it was just too darn heavy for me to manage on my own.  Fortunately, there was a runner’s son camped next to me, and he was gracious enough to give me a hand.  Whew, otherwise, G, R and I would have been sleeping on the bottom bunk.

Sunday a.m., George and Chet came rolling in.  Both looked good.  Chet was beyond mentally exhausted and it was clear the 100 miles had definitely made an impression on George’s knees.  But both the guys looked great.  Today, they are both looking totally awesome!  Other than some stiff legs, they look really good.

So, this was my first experience crewing with two kids.  It was a bit more challenging than before with just one.  My own level of sleep deprivation certainly doesn’t provide any assistance to me, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for the world.  I find it really fulfilling to be out there cheering and helping these guys out (though, I don’t know how much I helped George).  While I personally have absolutely no desire at this point in my life (never say never, right) to run a 100 miler, I really enjoy seeing the friends we’ve made in the community, meeting new people, and vicariously experiencing the event from the side lines.  And, nothing makes me more proud than to see Chet make it to the end (George too). Great job guys!

Pictures are in the process of being uploaded to my Picasa album, and when I have more time, I’ll upload some here at WordPress.

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