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Birthday list?

March 19, 2009

I’m always asked what I want for ________ [insert appropriate gift giving/recieving holiday here].  In 2007, I did my “All I Want for Christmas” list.  Well, my birthday is coming up, and while I could give a rats bottom about my birthday (it is just another day of the year after all), I figured I’d get a jump start on things people who love (or even like) me could get me for my birthday.  This is really just an easy way for me to remember when asked those things I would want.  And rather than the blank stare (which ususally accompanies such a question), when I think of things I’ll add them to this post and then I can just say “ooh, well, I have a list.”

Sooooooo…’s the “list.”

  • iPod nano. Honestly, I like the former generation of nano’s better than the current incarnation, but oh well.  Considering my iPod is an iPod Mini (second generation), I think I’ve been patient and content long enough with my current technology.  I’m desiring to upgrade to something a little smaller, lighter and that has a longer battery life than…oh, a mile (that’s a slow mile at my pace).  Color…that is pretty cool about these new nano’s there’s a rainbow of colors to choose.  Well, green of course is my favorite color.  Pink would be okay (that’s my obnoxious girly side trying to rear her ugly head).  The purple color is pretty cool.  But honestly, whatever color is at Costco or any other discount location works for me.  I really don’t care.
  • Weekend in San Francisco to see Wicked.  Okay, so this pretty much requires someone willing to watch the kids for two to three days and tickets to the show.  Yah, I’m asking for a lot here.  But, I’d love to go see it and heck, I’d be willing to pop for the gas, hotel and food…fair right?  Seriously, this is one of those things that would be SUPER cool.
  • Cooking Class at Back of the House Cooking School. Yah, they have some pretty neat cooking classes….maybe I should add someone to do all my dishes after I practice what I learn. 😉

I’ll augment as things come to me outside of the usual gifts of gift cards to Macy’s/Dillards/Nordstrom.

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