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TRT Tunnel Creek Rundown

July 27, 2009

This year I took over the Tunnel Creek Aid Station at the Tahoe Rim Trail 50k/50M/100M endurance races.  Whoooaaaa, what an experience.  I had just a few weeks to get everthing in order from the time I found out, and three of those weeks I was in trial.  Long and short: I’m very pleased with how my first year turned out.  Yes, there are always places where I can improve, but overall, I felt the aid station was a success.  And, my panic about not buying enough stuff that I felt Friday night before the race turned out to be unfounded, as the amount of food was perfect.  We used practically everything we had, which was splendid!

Most of the success is credited toward all the awesome volunteers I had out there.  I had some great friends offer to be a part of the event, all of whom had no experience in the ultra running world.  They had a wonderful time and have made my day by each asking to come back next year.  Also, I owe a ton of thanks to Lon and the Silver State Striders.  My night crew was awesome, and I am so grateful for their knowledge and experience.

And, finally, because this is starting to sound like some lame acceptance speech for some shiny gold award that looks like a male alien, I really ought to thank all the runners.  Because of course, without the runners we would not be out there.  This was a great year for the runners, and I’m so pleased to be a part of their experience.

I look forward to next year.  Things will be great, and even better than this year.

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