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Dream Trip

November 24, 2009

So, for a while the hubby and I would dream about driving the Alaska-Canada Highway, a.k.a. ALCAN Highway.  Yesterday I got a bur under my saddle and decided to talk seriously with him about it.  After all, we have always talked about taking 4-5 weeks to do it.  We’d also want to outfit our rig better for the trip and really make it a memorable trip for the whole family.

I mapped it out from our house, driving the ALCAN Highway, going up to Fairbanks, down to Anchorage and back home again is right about 6,500 miles.  So, taking that figure and estimating an average driving time of about 5 hours a day to allow for time to actually see stuff, that puts the trip to be about 23 days.  So, our estimate of 4-5 weeks is right on.

ALCAN Highway View

Pictured: A Day On the Alcan Highway 2, originally uploaded to Picasa by Seamus.

Next was to think about WHEN.  I would want to wait a year or two to be with my firm for a while before taking 5 weeks off.  We would want to give ourselves plenty of time to trick out the truck in the manner which we believe to be appropriate, which includes, but is not limited to the following:  beefed up suspension including a couple inch lift; adding an auxiliary fuel tank; new bumper with winch; new rear bumper custom designed to work with our Four Wheel Camper, which would hold a jack, spare tire, etc.; and possibly replacing the truck bed with a custom flatbed with removable storage compartments to fit perfectly with the camper with a locked box for the generator additional exterior storage.  Additionally, we’d want to give ourselves enough time to sock away a good amount of money to take on the trip so we could in our personal high style.

Another consideration on timing is the age of the kids.  We want B to be old enough to really get a memorable experience from the trip.  So ultimately, we’re looking at the summer of 2012 – that way if the world ends in December of 2012, we got to do this trip of a lifetime.  Yes, there’s a tone of sarcasm there.

Actually, I think that will be perfect timing.  It’s 2.5 years from now and quite frankly, it gets me pretty excited to think about the trip with my family.  How awesome will the experience be for the kids who will then be 3.5 and almost 8.

I’ve officially blocked out the dates in my calendar.  Now the planning begins.  Whee!

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