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Well, here’s the rough template

May 26, 2008

Of my new training regimen. First off, it’s not set in stone. There are likely some things that will change, and I’ve got to see how I feel (and fit this into my work death march). If you’re incline, check it out. Comment, criticize, make constructive suggestions.

However, please recognize, I’m just starting to formulate this. I have not yet gone through and analyzed for compliance with the 10% rule. I may be over ambitious in some respects and under in others. The PINK RUNNER GIRL entries on Tuesdays are the evenings when I’m going to try to hook up with the local women’s running group I’m a part of. They normally put together two courses, a short course 4 miles or so and a longer course, 6-8 miles. So, as I increase my mileage, I’ll move up on the course I run (for example, this week they have a 5.9 mile course and a 4.2 mile course). I may even do a shorter course on day’s when their pre-identified courses are longer than I want to do.

I have also included my own references for things going on in my life – my way of keeping in mind different things happening in my world. So, don’t worry, I’m not planning on Running Western States 100 or Wasatch Front 100, but those are items on my calendar because I’m involved with people running those races.

Ideally, I’d like to build up to running 5-6 miles a day with a long run every week. I think that is a realistic goal given the time constraints that I have. But, I have specific benchmarks that I really want to meet, and a few races I’d really like to do.

Like I said, I’m totally open to suggestions, feedback, thoughts, etc.

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